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All you need to know before enrolling yourself on a Nail Extension Course!



Nails are something which makes you feel confident and at the same time makes you fall in love with them. Having simple nail art not just increases your overall look but also makes your self-esteem worth it. If you think that to have just easy Nail Art, you need to go to a Nail Extension In Delhi, then my buddy, and you’re not on the right track.nail extension course Besides undergoing easy nail art at a nail extension near me, you can also try doing that simply at your home. How? By buying a nail art kit.

Yes, you heard that right. Nail art designs are something which you will get to see, as the whole has been flooded with it. But yes, if you want to have that professional quirky look, you need to go to a Nail Extension in Noida.



Are you willing to get the Nail extension Near Me done? Look at these 5 pointers before you indulge in getting these done!



Know different types of Nail Extensions

Before you start to have a Nail Extension Course, you need to learn about the various types available, so that you make the right and apt choice before indulging in it.

There are mainly two types of nail extensions available: Gel as well as acrylic. You may think that these two forms of nail extensions are the same but in actual terms, they are not!

Acrylics are applied by gluing an artificial nail tip to the lengths of your nails and then applying a powder and liquid monomer combination. Gel extensions, on the other hand, are applied to the real nail bed with a readymade mix, says Shweta Gaur, the best makeup artist in Noida.


Time taking process

If you are looking for an affordable Nail Extension Price List, look at the professional whom you’re choosing. If you want services at an affordable price then you may opt for a person who’s not so experienced. However, on the other hand, if you are looking for professional services, you might have to take the services of a Pro Nail Artist, which might cost you huge prices.

Along with that, a point to note: If you are choosing less experienced nail artists with less experience, then you might have to sit for long as they might not be so quick with their work. On the other hand, if you are running short on time, and want quick service, then you will have to take the services of an experienced nail artist, says Shweta Gaur, the Best Makeup Artist in Noida & Delhi NCR.


They do not stay beyond a month

If you are looking for Nail Extensions in Noida & Delhi NCR, you must first know their right lasting period. Normally, nail extensions do not stay beyond a month. Their average staying durability is around 3-4 weeks, after which they start to come out or gaps are created between them due to the growth of your natural nail.

So, if you are looking to have a Nail Art Design to stay for longer, get the previously done nail art removed and get a new one. This is the only solution available.