Best Tips for Day Time Wedding 


Day weddings are the dream of many and they also have an ultimate charm of their own. Earlier,Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Noida, New Delhi day weddings have not been popular, only Sikh religious people used to have them. But now, most people are looking to fix their wedding day.

Day weddings are fun (only in the winter season). A winter wedding under the sun is the most comforting wedding, as under the sun rays, the bridal gameplay completely changes and the concerns are completely different from that of an evening or night wedding.

The most important thing which needs to be taken care of during the wedding day is the skin. Besides having too many layers of makeup on the bride’s skin, there are chances of sunburn. Now, in this blog, we will be discussing some really helpful tips which can enhance your bridal makeup look and at the same time protect your skin from harmful sun rays.

10 Best Makeup Hacks right from the Best Bridal Makeup Artist


Prep your eyes before the face

The best makeup hack for a bride is to prepare the eyes first and then come to the skin section. Why? To avoid any kind of fallout. Putting so many foundations and concealers can make the skin cakey and after that, if you do eye makeup, there are chances that you might get that wrong.

Dab your face when you can

As you attend your wedding rituals, your face soon gets oily and tends to grasp all the dust and dirt gathered around you. It is recommended to keep a wet tissue or even a napkin along with you so that you can dab your face whenever you can. These dust particles are so stubborn that they might cause your skin severe pimples. That wouldn’t look good on your face after you’re just married. So, to avoid this kind of embarrassment you must keep your skin dabbed.

Along with that, take some break from the cameras and rituals and spray some good hydration sprayer and pat over that area with the help of a sponge, says Bridal Makeup Artist Shweta Gaur.

This tip will prevent your face from looking cakey and at the same time give you a charming bridal look.

Moisturize your skin

Before you start applying makeup to your skin, make a habit of applying moisturizer to your skin. Doing this would make your skin free from dry patches, cracks, or even vague pores. Moisturising your skin would not just smoothen your skin but also make your skin easier on makeup.

Useful Tip: Before applying a moisturizer to your skin, always analyze your skin type. Do not use a creamy, highly oily moisturizer, if your skin type is oily. This will worsen the case. Search for some good brands and see what it has to offer in its moisturizer range. Pick the one that goes easy on the oil and is apt for oily skin. The same goes for the other skin types as well.

Keep your lips hydrated

Before you apply to lure shades to your life, make sure that you are using a lip balm beneath those shades. This is because the lipsticks which you use do not have moisturizing agents but only color. If that’s a matte lipstick, it might get dried up easily as and when you sip a drink, or come in contact with direct sunlight.

To avoid these things, Bridal Makeup Artist Shweta Gaur suggests using a good brand’s lip balm and making the most out of your special day.

Go for a subtle soft makeup look

As you are having a day wedding, you don’t have to go too loud on makeup. Having just a soft subtle look would do well for you. Having a loud makeup look with too loud lip shades, smokey eyes, sparkling cheeks do justice with the midnight brides but for day brides, having a coral look would be a great reason to receive compliments. Just make use of nude shades, peach shades and subtle shades to nail your look.

Keep yourself hydrated

Daytime is the time when you tend to feel the thirst for water or even other fluids at a high level. Keeping yourself hydrated as much as you can would not just make you feel better but also give your skin a glowing look. Are you aware that drinking plenty of water sparkles your makeup and increases your makeup look to the next level? Well, if not, you might have known it by now. So, as per Bridal Makeup Artist Shweta Gaur, to get a dewy and rejuvenating look, make sure to keep your hydrated.

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