Best Celebrity Makeup Artist in Greater Kailash


Shweta Gaur is among the Top Makeup Professionals who have a large team of trained Makeup Artists in Greater Kailash. She is so dedicated and focused on her work as she has experience of 20 years in the field of a makeup artist. She has vast knowledge about what kind of makeup is best suited for various occasions. She has extensive knowledge about which skin tone is best suited with which makeup form.

She has many professional qualifications in the makeup industry. She has three branches in India of her makeup studio, mainly in Delhi, Noida. She also is looking to extend her makeup services globally, covering many countries worldwide.

Get the best Bridal Makeup look only at Shweta Gaur Makeup Academy

Shweta Gaur, a makeup artist, know-how preparing your skin before doing makeup is effective. Along with that, she knows she just avoids using chemical-based products and believes only in using products that are branded and at the same time safe and suitable to be used on the skin. She also shares tips alongside your makeup and ensures that you get the best experience of your life here only at Shweta Gaur Makeup Academy.

Best Engagement Makeup Artist in Greater Kailash

One of the things you consider while going to any party, function, or engagement party is theMakeup Artist in Greater Kailash makeup. Yes, makeup plays a very crucial role in the enhancement of your look. So, Shweta Gaur, the makeup artist, is the most reliable makeup artist in town. If you are looking for some quality makeup from a good and famous makeup artist, make sure you choose Shweta Gaur.

Not just this, she has a very high standard when it comes to creativity. She is very talented in her profession and hence never settles for less. Always looking for perfection. She never gives up before giving the best and the unique look to her clients.

One best thing is that she cares about her client’s money and has a good value for money. She never neglects her clients and always strives hard to deliver the best.

How to prepare your Bridal look in Greater Kailash?

A wedding is a memorable lifetime event in which you desire to look the best. Shweta Gaur understands this thing and always creates the event special for her client by giving beautifying looks.

She also offers pre-makeup trials to her clients. Well, pre-makeup practices are so important when it comes to testing the makeup artist’s skills at first. She also suggests the best color contrast and senses which color contrast is the best with the outfit and footwear. Her extensive knowledge about makeup benefits her clients in every possible way.

So, while you step out after becoming a bride by taking bridal makeup by Shweta Gaur from Greater Kailash, you will see how magical and flawless she has created on your face.

Our Services

Ring ceremony Makeup Artist in Greater Kailash

Well, ring ceremony is the occasion which binds you, and you would be in a special bond together. If you have a ring ceremony party in Greater Kailash, you must choose Shweta Gaur Makeup Academy. Here you will be getting a picture-perfect look for your special occasion. Not just this, you will be given many other services like nail care, draping and others.

Destination Wedding Makeup Artist in Greater Kailash

Destination weddings are mainly conducted outside. Meaning they would require some different kind of makeup that would suit the environment. As destination weddings are conducted outdoors mainly, primarily sober, subtle, and pastel colors create a beautiful look through makeup.

Birthday Party Makeup Artist in Greater Kailash

Not too loud, but regular makeup would go at a birthday party. Shweta Gaur makeup artist knows which makeup looks go the best with which makeup look. So, it is advisable to choose Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist for an Engagement Makeup in Greater Kailash.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

1- Which makeup is suitable for engagement?

Whether it is a day function or night function, make sure that you use HD makeup for engagement parties. Don't go offbeat for colours. Just use it according to your outfit colour only. That will look more pretty and attractive

2-How long does bridal makeup take?

It usually takes around 90-120 minutes to get completed with bridal makeup. Keep in mind to start early on your wedding day to avoid any rush.

3- What is everyday makeup?

Everyday makeup is that regular makeup which you use in your daily routine. HD makeup is something which you use when you are going to any occasion or a party.

4- How can I make my makeup look natural?

By blending the foundation in the proper manner · By adequately making your brows.

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