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Amid wedding hassles, you must be thinking about how you will cope up with the bridal Makeup Artist in Hauz Khas. Well, we have got you covered. As we are here to guide you for every occasion’s makeup, you will get the best assistance with your wedding makeup.

Most makeup artists are not even bothered about what is right and whatnot, but we at Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist in Hauz Khas and academy are concerned about your bridal makeup and strive hard to bring that to you. After all, it’s your big day. How can we not provide you good assistance so that you can have that memory for a lifetime with you?Makeup Artist in Hauz Khas

Marriage is a very big thing and hence you must make efforts in choosing the best makeup artist for your special day. Shweta Gaur Best Makeup Artist in Hauz Khas will provide you with the most gorgeous look on your special day so that you can get ample compliments on your special day.

The makeup artist must be chosen in a way that suits your expectations and at the same time, understands what exactly you desire. Shweta Gaur is the best Makeup Artist in Hauz Khas which provides you with exactly what you want on your wedding day.

The main thing which you must keep in mind while choosing a makeup artist is to ask them if they provide trials or not. This is one of the most essential things which must be asked beforehand. Shweta Gaur understands this thing and provides you with the best makeup on your wedding day. She provides you with makeup trials so that you can get the full same look that you desire for your big day.


You can trust Shweta Gaur Artist, Best in Hauz Khas

Your makeup is as important as your wedding. Your wedding can be made memorable if you are having the best makeup. The very first thing which you must analyze about your makeup artist is their experience. Yes, you heard that right. Experience matters a lot and so does their quality. Quality and experience go hand in hand.

Discuss everything in detail with us and we will be happy to help. We have a solution for every query. If you are even looking for celebrity makeup, party makeup, engagement makeup, or even bridal makeup, you can get everything here.

Choose Top Rated Makeup Artist in Hauz Khas

Are you looking for the best party makeup? Then, surely you can prefer Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist in Hauz Khas, who specializes in Bridal makeup. Every bride who has entered our studio has never gone sad-faced. She provides her services all over India and at the same time, has a talent for providing the most beautiful look and at affordable rates.

Choose, Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist, Best for Engagement Makeup in Hauz Khas

If you are even looking for booking a Makeup Artist in Hauz Khas for destination weddings, then surely you can. If you are booking Shweta Gaur makeup artists, then be assured that she along with her team will be right there at the venue decided by you. Along with that, they will carry all the essential things required to make the makeup easily done.

Our Services


1- Bridal Makeup Artist in Hauz Khas

Looking for the most gorgeous look to make your wedding day more special? Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist in Hauz Khas is where you must plan your next steps to. She encompasses the true spirit of marriage by providing you with everything you desire on your wedding day. She understands what a bride wants on her special day and hence she provides you with a customized look to make you look classy and sassy.

2- Engagement Makeup Artist in Hauz Khas

Well, Shweta Gaur and the team understands which makeup tones and shades will be best suited for an engagement party, and hence she provides you with the most relevant and apt-looking makeup look to enhance your beauty on your wedding day. She along with her team analyses what is right for your skin tone and the type and hence provides you with the most pretty and glowing looking makeup on your engagement party.

3- Party Makeup Artist in Hauz Khas

There is a very thin line between regular makeup and HD Makeup Artist in Hauz Khas. In HD makeup, you get the loudest tone, whereas, in subtle/ normal makeup you get the most normal-looking makeup. Party makeup can be any form of makeup. It depends on what occasion you are having.

Our Studios


We have 4 studios/ Academies in India till now, moving ahead for more. We treat our clients in the most friendly way and listen to their queries. Along with that we also make sure that whatever they are expecting is delivered to them without fail.

FAQ (Frequently and Question)


1- Is Airbrush Makeup Worth It For A Wedding?

One good thing about airbrush makeup is that it lasts for the whole day. It settles so flawlessly on your skin that it doesn’t get washed out with sweat or doesn’t get messed up with water. However, it can be a bit expensive and hence it can be tough to blend with all the skin types and tones.

2- How To Apply Airbrush Makeup?

It is very easy to apply airbrush makeup, but we suggest you must not try it at home. A professional would do justice to your look with the help of an airbrush.

3- How much does bridal makeup cost?

The cost of bridal makeup costs you as per the makeup artist you are choosing but yes, on average it costs you between 10K to 100K, depending upon your budget.