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Best Party Makeup Artist in Jangpura

SS Makeup Academy was founded by Shweta Gaur and Sumit Nagar. She has earned laudable recognition in a span of just a few years. You will get the most significant makeup service at Shweta Gaur Makeup Academy.

At Shweta gaur makeup academy, we strive hard to provide our clients with the aptest look about the makeup which they are choosing.

Suppose, you want a Bridal makeup look, then we provide you with the most flawless-looking makeup to make you feel special on your wedding day.

Makeup Artist in Jangpura

Not just this, we also have a team of professionals who have relevant experience and skillset to provide you with the most complimenting look on your special day. We at Shweta Gaur, use the most top-class brand makeup so that you do not face any kind of harm to your skin. We style your personality in the most promising manner and give you the appearance of a Diva.

But to get that first you need to know what all services we are rendering and secondly analyze for which occasion you are looking makeup artist, then make your final choice.

Although we deal in every form of makeup everyone has one specialty, so our specialty is Bridal Makeup.

We have discovered the most elegant bridal makeup look and with all the skills we are having, we utilize them on our clients to make them get a wow look.

SS makeup academy is run by Shweta Gaur makeup academy and has a lot of potentials to add that flaw to your personality. We do each and everything to add that sparkling charm to your face so that you stand out from the crowd on your big day. We apply new tones, textures, and shades so that you get the most enhanced look on your special day. We have worked for many famous personalities and given them the most beautiful look on their special occasion.

Happy Customers of Shweta Gaur, Best in Jangpura

Your search is complete if you choose Shweta Gaur makeup academy, the best in Jangpura. She is the most influential Makeup Artist in Jangpura and hence she believes in providing the best makeup at affordable prices. Along with that, she has a team of dedicated makeup artists who have ample skills which just revolves around the look of their clients.

Why SS makeup Academy?

Every season, Shweta Gaur along with her teammates conceptualizes some unique concepts to provide her clients with. She has countless makeup skills which are just incomparable with any other Makeup Artist in Jangpura.

You will fall in love with her makeup skills as she plays with colors and offers her clients a very unique and perfect bridal look.

As a wedding is the most special feeling for a bride, she transforms the look of women and gives them great looks.

Apart from this, if you want to get that special charm on any of your wedding occasions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or you can even mail us

Our Services

Nude Makeup Artist in Jangpura

If you want to lighten the darker areas of your skin, then you must go for Nude makeup. It not just brightens the darker areas but also removes the imperfections or scars from your face. Hence, it is highly recommended to use Nude Makeup if you are going on a sober occasion and not for a wedding or an engagement party.

Airbrush Makeup Artist in Jangpura

The best quality of airbrush makeup is that it is alcoholic and oil; free makeup. It does not have any side effects on your skin and hence it enhances your beauty after makeup. It also brightens your complexion and at the same time, it is resistant to sweat or tears. Airbrush makeup is the best makeup for wedding occasions.

High Definition (HD) Makeup Artist in Jangpura

This makeup form comes with a lot of advantages. It helps to eliminate the imperfections of the skin more effectively. It also helps you to have smoother skin away from oil or dryness. It gives you a naturally HD glowing look. It is best suited for events like weddings, engagements, parties among others.

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