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About Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist and Academy

Shweta Gaur makeup artist is a popular Makeup Artist in Lodhi Road. She is an experienced makeup artist who utilizes her skills in a very productive manner. She not just renders her makeup skills to her students but also guides her in a way that makes them a pro in this field. Along with that, her knowledge in this field is as wide asMakeup Artist in Loadhi Road she is aware of various techniques of makeup. She uses those techniques on her clients and makes them look beautiful on their special day. She has an idea about how much quantity of makeup must be used so that a graceful look can be seen on her clients.

She has incredible experience in this field and hence she makes everyone beautiful from the inside out. She is a professional makeup artist with relevant certifications and owns 4 makeup academies of her own.

Her stylish personality gets reflected when she applies makeup on her client’s face. Her makeover techniques are one in a million ones and hence she makes many heads up for appreciation. Her marvelous makeup trends make her stand out from the crowd.

Choosing Shweta Gaur Makeup Academy, the best decision ever!

Shweta Gaur makeup artist is known to be the best Makeup Artist in Lodhi Road. If you are having your wedding in just a few months, you must be looking for some reputed makeup artists to add glam to your wedding look. Choosing a Shweta Gaur makeup artist would be an ideal decision. Why? Because she not just provides her clients with the most beautiful look but also treats her in a very friendly manner.

Her knowledge about makeup is just enough to beautify the look of her clients. She explored various fields of makeup and realized that she excels in providing bridal makeup look to her clients.

If you choose Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist and Academy, you will realize that it’s the best decision ever taken by you in your life. Also, you will cherish your bridal makeup look for years as she makes you look like a Diva on your D-Day.

Shweta Gaur is the ultimate solution to your makeup search on Lodhi Road

She not just provides you with an ultimate look but also sticks to the theme of the occasion. Yes, you heard that right! She understands the theme of the occasion thoroughly before she starts her work.

She along with her team of makeup professionals travels to the venue to provide their makeup services.

All you need to do is to reach out to us at 097168 31277 or you can also visit our website https://www.shwetagaurmakeupartist.com/

Our Services


Bridal Makeup Artist in Lodhi Road

Are you looking to get your makeup done on your D-day by a makeup expert? Well, you have reached out to the right place. We at Shweta Gaur Makeup academy not only provide our clients with the best bridal makeup services but also gives them the best services so that they choose us over and over again for every occasion they attend.

Party Makeup Artist in Lodhi Road

Are you getting engaged? Or having a party in closed ones? If yes, get the party makeup done by us at Shweta Gaur makeup artist and academy and get yourself the center of attraction at the party. We are the best makeup artist in Lodhi road and ensure you get the best on the special occasion.

Engagement Makeup Artist in Lodhi Road

Engagement is the most memorable occasion to attend. Hence it requires makeup that makes you look like a princess on this special occasion of yours. If you are searching for a Makeup Artist in Lodhi Road who provides makeup services, visit us at Shweta Gaur makeup artist and academy.

Why choose Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist?

  • If you are looking for an experienced makeup artist and if budget is not a constraint, choose us at Shweta Gaur makeup artists to get a glam look on your wedding day.
  • We use branded makeup products and not any local product. Hence you will not face any kind of allergic reaction on your body after getting makeup from us.
  •  We also provide family/ guest makeup packages which are offered at affordable rates. We travel to wedding destinations to render our services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


- What Is The Definition Of Party Makeup?

The Eyes, Cheeks, And Lips Are The Focal Points Of Party Makeup. On These Three Aspects, Forming The Symmetry Of Appropriate Color Tones Can Create A Statement. A Moisturizer, Concealer, Foundation, Kohl, Eyeliner, Mascara, Powdered Blush, And Lip Color/Lipstick Are All Essentials For A Party Look.

- What Is The Distinction Between Bridal Makeup And Party Makeup?

The Regular Makeup Regimen Of Primer, Foundation, Contouring, Eye Makeup, And Lip Shade Is Used For Party Makeup. The Majority Of Wedding Guests Choose Party Makeup. Bridal Makeup Is Broad, With Many Techniques Such As HD, Airbrush, And Mineral Makeup Being Utilized To Achieve The Desired Look.

- What Does Evening Makeup Entail?

In Terms Of Depth And Colour, Evening Makeup Differs From Daytime Makeup. The Smoky Eye Look, As Seen Above, Is Particularly Popular For Evening Makeup, But You Have A Lot Of Different Possibilities. Only The Palest Lip Colour Defines The Mouth, Making The Eyes The Focal Point.

- What Exactly Is HD Makeup?

Any Crease, Wrinkle, Or Blemish Is Revealed By High-Definition Cameras. High-Definition Makeups Are Sheerer While Still Masking Uneven Skin Texture And Other Un-Telegenic Defects, Explains Makeup Artist Shweta Gaur, To Avoid The Cakey Texture Of Typical TV Makeup.

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