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Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist and Academy is one of the best destinations to get your party makeup done. We did not just provide our clients with the finest quality of makeup but also help them to conclude their search for aMakeup Artist in Safdarjung good Makeup Artist in Safdarjung. We at Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist and Academy provide you with the most reliable party makeup service in Safdarjung. As we have a high standard to provide our customers with, we have a qualified team of professionals who provide the best bridal makeup in the town.

We understand how busy a bride is during her wedding preparations and hence we ease her work by providing them with the best Makeup Artist in Safdarjung. Along with that, we at SS Makeup Academy also provide our clients with free makeup trials before their actual appointment. This is because we at SS Makeup Academy want to build up transparency with our clients by showcasing our work to them. To make them assured about our quality and way of doing makeup, this is the best step we take to build our clients.

We use multiple layers of makeup to create an impactful base on our client’s face. This not only gives them a graceful look after full makeup but also makes the makeup stay for long hours. So, if you take our makeup trial before the actual makeup session, you will get to know how we work.


Want to get ready in a glam way, choose Makeup Artist in Safdarjung

Once you choose SS Makeup Academy, your search for the best Makeup Artist in Safdarjung would be concluded. One main reason for choosing SS makeup academy is that she is an expert in doing Bridal Makeup Artist in  Safdarjung. If you scroll through our portfolio on our website, you will see how gracefully we apply makeup on our client’s faces.

We never disappoint our clients. As we provide them with what they want, we always manage to return them happy-faced. It is an important aspect when you are just starting and building new clients.

Also, our base is so powerful that it hides your acne, scars, and even blemished skin. Pigmented skin also is a concern when you are going to a party. We have a great solution for that as well. We use products that are working on pigmented skin and hide them and give you a flawless look on your wedding day.

Also, we would love to tell you that we use safe products and not local products. As we care for our client’s skin and want them to have a great experience with us, we use branded products for a makeover. We do not want our clients to leave us and hence we make increased efforts to make them stay.

Beautiful party Makeup at Affordable Rates in Safdarjung

Many bridal makeup artists face a lot of difficulties in working on dry patches and hence we have a solution for that as well. Many makeup artists use products that are not suitable for particular skin types and hence it becomes completely horrible to see that appearance. Hence, we analyze the skin tone and type on which we have to work and then make a decision about which products we must use to get good results.

We also guide our clients on how to remove makeup in the right manner so that their skin doesn’t develop any harm, pores, or patches. We turn better to help you be better.

Our Services

Bridal Makeup Artist in Safdarjung

Every bride looks for a makeup artist who is experienced and at the same time uses the most relevant tricks and techniques to provide you the best makeup results ever on your special day. Our Makeup Artist Safdarjung experts are trained and experienced in a way that they provide the best makeup results on your wedding day. They make sure that you are being guided most effectively and at the same time your choice is being considered.

Engagement Makeup Artist in Safdarjung

Engagement is an occasion that is the most memorable event in everyone’s life. Now to make it more memorable and happening, one requires the best appearance. So, SS Makeup Artist and academy makes sure that you are being assisted in the most right manner and hence strives hard to bring the best towards you.

Party Makeup Artist in Safdarjung

Party makeup depends completely on what occasion you are having. If you are going on a casual occasion then light and subtle tones would work. But if you are going on a large-scale event, you need darker shades to suit the occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1- Which is the best make-up for bridal?

HD makeup was innovated to make skin look perfect on screen. Hence, as a bride, HD Makeup can be a great choice as you are under the constant glare of the cameras. Airbrush makeup is mostly suggested for oily skin whereas HD Makeup is suitable for all skin types.

2- What do you mean by bridal makeup?

Bridal makeup is nothing but heavy makeup which is done for the bride at her wedding. Brides prefer the best beauticians for their bridal makeup to look appealing on their big day.

3- What is a natural makeup look?

Where a soft glam makeup look has more medium coverage, a natural glam look is full coverage foundation with a focus on highlight that is noticeable in person and photos along with contour and then a touch of glam on the eyes or lip. ... The lashes for this look are also more full and bold to make the eyes pop.