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Are you looking for an affordable bridal Makeup Artist in Kailash Colony? If yes, then you are at the right place. Shweta Gaur makeup artist provides you with the most affordable makeup services with the latest makeup trends. Multiple makeup packages are available at very affordable prices.

The celebrity Makeup Artist in Kailash Colony Shweta Gaur’s career roots back to 2014 when she started to pursue her career as a makeup artist. Her passion for beauty and wellness took a great leap as she soon started her academies and extended her skills to various people who have the same passion and desire about making their career as makeup artists.

How choosing Shweta Gaur can benefit you in many ways?

Shweta Gaur, a famous name in the makeup and beauty industry. Before we count on her achievements it is important to know how she made up her mind. Well, she started her career in 2014, with her hard work and passion to reach somewhere, she finally managed to do so. Now, she is a renowned celebrity Makeup Artist in Kailash Colony. Before everything, she is a good human being who knows about what her client might want and finally aligns her towards achieving those outcomes.

She has a zeal to achieve her dreams and with her creativity and love towards makeup, she continues to grow. She never compromises on her quality and hence she is grateful to provide her best to ladies.

About Shweta Gaur Makeup Studio & Academy

Shweta Gaur’s makeup studio is the best studio to choose when it comes to having bridal makeup done. Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist in Kailash Colony is a famous makeup artist all across India due to the quality provided by her highly trained professionals. She makes sure that no compromise over quality is there as she cares about her client’s money. Along with that she along with her team travel to wedding venues of clients to give that beautiful look not only to the bride but also to all her family members as well.

One good thing about her success that speaks is that with her hard work and especially quality work, she has three makeup studios today.

Our Services


Bridal Makeup Artist in Kailash Colony

If you are searching for a Bridal Makeup Artist in Kailash Colony, then your search must be completedMakeup Artist in Kailash Colony. here. Shweta Gaur makeup artist is the topmost influential Makeup Artist in


 Kailash Colony. Looking for some experienced makeup artists? You are on the right path. She has every form of makeup, whether it is bridal makeup, HD makeup, AirBrush makeup, or even if it’s regular makeup, all are provided by Shweta Gaur makeup academy.

HD makeup Artist in Kailash Colony

HD makeup eliminates skin imperfections and is more suitable for all skin types. HD makeup helps you to hide allMakeup Artist in Kailash Colony. the imperfections and prepares the skin for a good charming look. Not just this, it gives your skin a more natural look and never lets your skin look oily or greasy.

Along with that, with due tricks and effective techniques used by Shweta Gaur provides the most finished look which makes your skin look smooth and shinier.

Airbrush Makeup Artist in Kailash Colony

If you are not aware of what airbrush makeup is, then do not worry. We are here to help you out. AirbrushMakeup Artist in Kailash Colony. makeup is a form of makeup that is applied to your face using an airgun. Now you must be wondering what the use of an airgun is. Well, an airgun is something that restricts the use of sponges. If you are looking for a makeup artist which provides makeup using an airbrush then you are most welcome at Shweta Gaur Makeup Academy.

We at Shweta Gaur Makeup academy provide you with the best airbrush makeup with eye-catchy looks. She provides makeup for every occasion and makes sure that no side effects are thereafter applied.

Nude Makeup Artist in Kailash Colony

Are you in search of a good makeup salon that provides you with the best nude makeup in Kailash Colony? MakeMakeup Artist in Kailash Colony. your steps move towards Shweta Gaur makeup academy to get your makeup looks simplified.

In this makeup technique, neutral colors are used. Pastel colors are also used to create a nude makeup look. Nude makeup is the best makeup form so that your skin imperfections can be covered.

Engagement Makeup Artist in Kailash Colony

We assure that our customers get a 100% trustworthy makeup look on their engagement day. We take pride toMakeup Artist in Kailash Colony. announce that we at Shweta Gaur makeup artist and Academy have the best makeup experts. Here you get the most exclusive series of engagement makeup.

Our first step is to plan and then execute successfully on our clients. So, don’t delay if you are looking for engagement makeup in Kailash Colony.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. How much should a makeup artist charge?

The expected salary varies as per your experience. If you are among those top-rated makeup artists, your expected salary might be 15 lakh rupees per month. On the contrary, if you are inexperienced and have just started, your expected salary must be 15,000-30,000 per month.

2. Who is the best makeup artist in India?

If you are looking for the best makeup artist in India who provides you with everything just in one single place. Then you must plan your steps towards, Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist and Academy. Why? Because she has that perfection in her work which is required by every client. Along with that, her skills and experience make her the best makeup artist in India.

3. What is a natural makeup look?

The natural makeup look is created when you apply foundation in a way that blends in the most right way. Along with that apply a tint of natural lip shade to make your look more of a natural look. Contour also helps to give you natural-looking soft skin.