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Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist is among those Famous Makeup Artists in Saket who are familiar with the most helpful makeup tricks that will help their clients to look the best on their Big Day. Not just this, there is a lot more she has to offer her clients. With extensive makeup techniques, she is a famous makeup artist who knows everything about How To Party Makeup needs to be done. She has more than 20 years of experience in the makeup industry, and hence she’s the best makeup artist in Saket.

Shweta Gaur offers the Best Party Makeup in Saket

Shweta Gaur is the top-rated Makeup Artist In Saket as she has a wide range of services to offerMakeup Artist in Saket her clients. She has experience in providing her clients with the perfect makeup look to suit every occasion. She adheres to all the makeup standards by maintaining proper hygiene and sanitation in her work and keeping the makeup area clean. If you are looking for the Best Celebrity Makeup Artist in Saket, you must not look around but choose Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist. Why?

Because there are several reasons for it

  •         You get a picture-perfect look
  •         Trained professionals
  •         Maintained Hygiene and Sanitation
  •         Co-operative staff
  •         Neatness in performing makeup   

Best Engagement Makeup Artist in Saket

Shweta Gaur has been working in the makeup industry for many years now and is now a trendy face in the makeup industry. If you search for an Engagement Makeup Artist In Saket, you must not overthink but choose the Shweta Gaur makeup artist to get that charming engagement look on your special day. So, sum up your search for the Best Bridal Makeup Artist In Saket, and choose Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist, the best place to get all your looks enhanced and modified on your special day.

She has a proper workspace in India, currently running in 3 central locations, Lajpat Nagar, Noida, Nirman Vihar.

Happy Clients of Shweta Gaur – Best Celebrity Makeup Artist in Saket

Her clients are so satisfied with her work as she gives them the most reliable look with no fancy prices. Generally, people are searching for the Best makeup artist, but within the budget reach, that is at affordable prices. Her dedication and passion for her work made her reach heights in her profession. Her creativity speaks with her work, and her skills are just unmatchable.

Various services offered by Shweta Gaur – Makeup Artist in Saket

Shweta Gaur makeup artists are offering numerous services with no additional charges. She offers her services mainly in her studios.

Our Services Offered by Shweta Gaur –

  •       Bridal HD and Airbrush Makeup,
  •         Engagement Makeup,
  •         Party Makeup,
  •         Mehendi Makeup,
  •         Roka Ceremony Makeup,
  •         Ring Ceremony Makeup,
  •         Reception Makeup,
  •         Sagan Makeup,
  •         Cocktail Party Makeup,
  •         TV, Films, and Movies makeup.

We have an extensive portfolio of looks to showcase.

Call at 9716831277, or you can even visit our website to enquire about your queries.

Avail of the Best Makeup Services in Delhi and get the guaranteed stunning look on your special day!

All about the services offered by Shweta Gaur Makeup Artist- Best Celebrity Artist in Saket

Bridal Airbrush Makeup Artist in Saket

Airbrush makeup is used mainly by the ones who have oily skin. On the contrary, HD makeup can be used by all skin types with all skin tones. It can be applied to any skin texture and can be worked on to substitute traditional makeup, which possesses a heavy, cakey look.

Along with that, an airbrush lasts for a longer time, say for fifteen hours or more, than the everyday makeup. Airbrush makeup is maintained as silicon-based makeup, which is why it stays for longer on all skin types.

HD Bridal Makeup Artist in Saket

Every bride wants to get that perfect look on her wedding day, isn’t she? To get that flaw and that charm on your face, make sure you choose bridal HD makeup so that no fine lines and wrinkles are visible on your special day. Shweta Gaur specializes in Bridal HD makeup, which gives you an entire party makeup look. You can get in touch with us at @shwetagaurmakeup.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


1- How much time does bridal makeup take?

As observed by many Indian Makeup Artists, including Shweta Gaur Artist, it takes a minimum of 3 hours to complete bridal makeup. It includes hair-doh as well as bridal makeup.

2- What all is included in bridal makeup?

Bridal makeup mainly includes hairs, makeup, and draping. It depends entirely upon your bridal hairstyle, how you will drape your outfit. If you want pre-bridal packages, then they will include products like (waxing, massage packages, exfoliators, scrubs, etc.)

3- What comes first, hair or makeup?

Hairstyling comes first! Why? Because makeup will be all spoiled with the heated machines of the hairs. So, it is advisable to do the hairstyles first and then the makeup

4-Which makeup is best for a Bride?

Although it depends on skin tone and skin type, the best makeup for brides is HD makeup. Why? Because it works wonders under the cameras. On the contrary, airbrush makeup is mainly suggested for oily skin types.

5- What is pre-bridal makeup?

In pre-bridal makeup sessions, entirely body cleaning, waxing, skin exfoliation, getting nails done are included. It started at least two months before the wedding. Shweta gaur is the best makeup artist in saket. They offer the best price and services in bridal and engagement makeup.