We all are aware of how makeup is removed using a cleanser. But there are times when a cleanser can just do its job. The makeup which we use must be so sticky that it needs something extra, something strong to be able to rub off from the skin. We do so much effort to make it happen, but ultimately requires some cool hacks with which you can see how to remove makeup at home easily. Today we are here to discuss some really good Makeup Hacks that will completely give your face a bare, Makeup-Free Face.

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  • Always be gentle with your skin

The process of taking off the makeup from your skin is quite difficult (at times). You must never leave makeup on your skin as it can make your skin feel dehydrated and irritated. If you think that the makeup which you used, is too harsh to get rid of, you must use cleansing oil.

  • Remove eye make-up with a cotton swab

Mascara and eyeliner are the most difficult to remove, so start with a liquid or cream eye and see how to remove makeup without makeup remover designed specifically for your eyes. Gently wipe away your make-up with a cotton pad, being careful not to scrub the sensitive area around your eyes.

  • The rest should be washed away

Wet your face and gently massage some cleanser onto your skin once you’ve removed your eye make-up. If you’re going to use foundation, don’t forget to cover your hairline and jawline. Allow the cleanser to linger for 15 seconds before rinsing it away. Using a clean towel, pat your face dry.

  • Use Steam Heat to Your Advantage

Before washing your face, you can also steam it. Fill a sink or a bowl halfway with hot water andHOW TO REMOVE EYE MAKEUP FROM FACE WITHOUT REMOVER stand over it for a minute or two. The steam will open up your pores, making it easier for the cleaner to get deeper into your skin to make you aware of how to remove makeup and dirt. This takes a little longer to steam your skin, but it’s a nice option for a special occasion. Add a drop of lavender essential oil for added calming, spa-like effects.

  • Pay special attention to your eyes

Mascara and liner are the most difficult to remove but don’t scrub because the area around your eyes is delicate. Cotton balls leave fibers behind, so use a cotton pad and a remover for the eyes that is either oil-based or dual-phase (for everything else). Pads that have already been wet are acceptable. Close your eyes for around ten seconds and hold them over your lids and lashes to allow the remover to dissolve the product before wiping. If you’re wearing waterproof mascara, use a waterproof eye makeup remover instead of cleaning oil. Otherwise, you’ll have to rub your lashes so hard to free the color that they break. Sink a pad in remover, gently press down on the lashes for a few seconds to allow the formula to soak in, and then glide the pad slowly across the eyes.

  • Get Rid of Any Oil Spills

After you’ve removed your eye makeup, go over it again with a dry cotton pad to remove any remaining product as well as any extra makeup remover. This final pass will help you avoid morning mascara circles and improve your makeup application the next day. Nobody enjoys waking up with raccoon eyes.

  • Make sure to wipe your eyelid’s edges as well

The elusive edge of your eyelid, where liner and mascara can build up over time—and cause eye irritation—is one zone that is commonly overlooked during makeup removal. You might need to get in there with a more targeted technique and make sure every last speck is gone, especially if you tight-lined your eyes with waterproof liquid. When it comes to lashes falling out, never pull stubborn mascara clumps off with your finger. Allow enough time for your remover to penetrate, and then gently push down with a flat cotton pad, working slowly in the direction your lashes grow, to coax clumps out without causing harm.

  • Remove long-wearing lipstick with an oil-based makeup remover

Most lipsticks should be removed using a cotton pad dipped in liquid or cream makeup remover. Long-wearing or strongly pigmented lipsticks, on the other hand, require an oily consistency.

What to Do After You’ve Cleansed Your Face and Removed Your Makeup?

After gently removing your makeup and cleansing your skin, you can apply any toner, moisturizer, or serums that you want. When you wake up in the morning, your skin will be spotless and ready to take on the day. Instead of needing to start by washing off yesterday night’s makeup, all your hard work the night before will pay off when you can leap right to your sunscreen and day serums.

That’s true, if you washed your face the night before, you don’t have to wash it in the morning. Your skin is already clean at this time, and if you have dry skin, washing it first thing in the morning might dehydrate it even more. People with oily skin, on the other hand, must constantly wash in the morning. People with oily skin should wash their faces again in the morning to remove the night’s oil buildup.

However, regardless of your skin type, cleaning at night is a requirement. Make a mental note of how to remove makeup and include it into your everyday regimen. We’ll all have evenings where we forget to remove our makeup, but hopefully, this is the exception rather than the rule!

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